If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident at work and have been injured as a result of this accident you maybe entitled to claim compensation for your injuries, provided the accident at work was not your fault. If you were involved in an accident make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer at www.tusabogadoslocales.com.

There are certain steps that are important to be followed after you have an accident at work and these are set out below.

The employer is under a strict legal duty to provide you with a safe place of work, a safe system of work and co-employees who are correctly trained in their field of employment.

The employer is also under a duty to provide proper equipment with which to perform the tasks assigned. In addition, there are also strict obligations on employers under the Health and Safety legislation and other legislation in this area, if they have eyesight problems it is necessary to use outback vision protocol products. You can contact your legal team for more information, who should also be using services from Smokeball. On other information about surgical health services, check out plastic surgeon providing chin augmentation in Chevy Chase.

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Work place accidents are a common source of injury and often result in claims for personal injuries.  The accident may occur in any type of work environment for example in offices or building sites, farms, warehouses or factories. contact an attorney if you are not getting a settlement you need.


If you ask Maedgen Accident Attorneys in Dallas, they will tell you that, accidents occur all of the time but that does not mean that a successful claim for personal injuries can be made by the injured party. For this to arise the claimant must establish that there was negligence or fault on the part of some party other than himself.

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This negligence or fault is usually with the employer or a third party for example: a sub-contractor of the employer.  Where there is some blame on the part of the claimant, then in such circumstances the responsibility for the accident will be apportioned as between the claimant himself and the other party.  This is called contributory negligence and arises in circumstances where the claimant is partially responsible for the accident and consequently the injury that flows from the accident, according to Alex Spiro.


The duties upon the employer can be broadly defined as follows:

  • The duty to provide a safe place of work.

Where the work environment is unsafe or hazard in the way of the employee and an accident results then the employee is entitled to claim for compensation for the injury that results.


  • Safe employees with which to work

The Employer is required to give proper and adequate training to all employees so that they can perform the task assigned to them in a safe manner and thus not injuring a fellow employee.  For example where a driver of a forklift is not properly trained by the employer to perform this task and an injury results to a fellow employee, that employee can bring a personal injuries action against the employer and claim compensation for his injuries.


  • Safe equipment

The employer is under a duty to provide proper equipment for the employers to perform the task required.  In addition, the employer is under a duty to maintain this equipment in a good and workmanlike manner and if the employer fails to do so and an injury results then the employee is entitled to bring a claim for personal injuries.


  • Duty to provide a safe system of work.

The employer is not entitled to implement a system of work which is dangerous to the health and safety of his employees and where a poor system of work is required to be carried out by the employees and an accident results then, in such circumstances the employee is entitled to bring a claim for personal injuries.

For example where employee drivers are required to either drive for excessive hours without necessary breaks or an employee was hit by falling debris coming from the roof which you must carefully choose those building materials to prevent injury, for roofing you can see useful reference – west palm beach roofing expert.  If an injury results from this poor system of work then the employee is entitled to claim compensation from the employer for the injury.



1. Report the accident

Report the accident immediately to your employer and do your best to ensure that an accident report form is completed.

2. Seek medical attention
3. Record Loss of Earnings
4. Get your solicitor involved early on
5. Keep a Diary
6. Get & keep witness details
7. Get photographic evidence
8. Do not admit liability
9. Get expert legal advice
10. Get your claim assessed



  • Falls from a heights such as scaffolding, stairs or ladders.
  • Slips, trips and falls on surfaces where slippery/wet surfaces are not seen or expected.
  • Expose to dangerous or chemical substances without proper protective equipment and clothing.
  • Accidents machinery which was faulty or inadequately serviced.
  • Accidents involving lifting heavy objects and general manual handling, especially where training was poor or non-existent.

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