VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering (VSC)

ENOVIA® VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering enables OEMs and suppliers to share PLM information when both are using Dassault Systèmes V6 platform. ENOVIA VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering utilizes internet collaboration tools such as Sametime or .NET to send a data ‘briefcase’ containing a simple description of the data directly to the receiving V6 system. At this point, the data is consumed automatically and reconstructed upon receipt. No intermediaste file is created or managed by either user during the exchange. During the data exchanges, relational design information is kept enabling quick design updates. ENOVIA VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering provides a fast and efficient mechanism for multiple V6 sites to exchange information regularly, share ideas, and work concurrently toward design project completion.


  • ENOVIA VPM Supply Chain Collaborative Engineering supports intense co-design in the value chain by exchanging Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) data quickly between OEMs and suppliers working on V6. The product enables users, communities, and companies to: Engage in online data exchange to accommodate casual, informal collaboration Enable a structured OEM-supplier data exchange to accommodate collaborative innovation in a secure and controlled process Leverage standard-based 3DXML format for data exchange Export (data out)/import (data in)/detach (use then discard) Automate import/export of detailed engineering data through batch.
  • OEMs and Suppliers can collaborate in two different ways depending on the processes they want to put in place. They can either collaborate in an ‘online’ or ‘offline mode. In an ‘online’ mode an OEM’s designer creates a V6 briefcase to be sent directly from V6 to the Supplier’s designer using internet instant collaboration. The Supplier’s designer accepts the information (into V6), adds content and returns the modified briefcase. The OEM’s designer accepts this new briefcase (directly into V6) to continue the design effort.In an ‘offline’ mode an OEM’s Designers can create a 3DXML briefcase by exporting information from V6 and send it to a Supplier’s designer using an email client. Supplier’s designer receives the file, adds content, and creates a briefcase version to return. OEM’s designer then imports this new briefcase version into V6 to continue the design effort.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • VPM Supply Chain Engineering Exchange

Training options


  • MEK or IDK or MIK
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