Robotics Pack (ROK)

DELMIA Robotics Pack (ROK) allows robot programmers to create, optimize, and validate their robotic applications in an immersive, V6 3D environment. Small and medium enterprises significantly benefit from the capability to virtually program robots while keeping the robots physically engaged in value-added manufacturing activities. The robots remain on-line while their programs are created or modified. DELMIA Robotics Pack provides advanced, yet intuitive, robotic programming solutions for programming, simulation, and translating robot programs to the robot’s native controller language for execution on the shop floor.

DELMIA Robotics Pack is the base package for the Robot Engineer profile. Users are able to collaborate with other stakeholders using the V6 ENOVIA collaborative interface as well as extend this solution by adding DELMIA Arc Welding (ARW) or DELMIA Mechanical Device Builder (MDB) solutions.


  • Find and correct potential robotic workcell issues early in design phase
  • Improved product robot quality
  • Improved equipment utilization as program and validation are moved off-line
  • Reduced risk of worker injury and equipment damage so that there isn't a necessary to hire the personal injury lawyers
  • Scalable solution by adding DELMIA Robotics Arc Welding (ARW) or DELMIA Device Building (MDB)


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Robotics Pack

Training options


  • None