CATIA Concept Design (REN)

CATIA Rendering delivers all the appropriate tools for real-time visualization and photorealistic rendering. You can interactively create and manipulate your materials, lights and environments and visualize your product in real-time. With CATIA Rendering, you can also produce photorealistic computed images with the integrated mental ray® system.CATIA Rendering is a key advantage that accelerates the validation process and reduces the need of physical prototypes, allowing faster decisions and cost reduction!


  • Designers can easily apply material definitions using standard Windows drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste methods and edit/modify them in the 3D context. CATIA Rendering provides a library of 203 predefined materials ready to apply. These preset materials are based on 20 CgFx shaders to provide highly realistic results.
  • CATIA Rendering provides all the capabilities needed to author a scene. You can define cameras, light sources, environments, as well as stickers so that you can visualize your product within its context and create several labeling and graphic variants on a product for review. It also includes a library of more than a hundred predefined scenes (including backgrounds and tuned lights), allowing occasional users to directly render mock-ups out of the box, without having to setup a stage by themselves.
  • Material and scene specifications can be shared between applications across the whole product development process to ensure consistency and early-stage integration. All CATIA V6 applications such as analysis, drafting, composite and rendering now benefit from unified material definitions and rendering scenes.
  • The Realistic Rendering workbench enhances reflection functionalities. The user has the ability to define one environment image per material, in order to display reflections that will exactly fit with the object. Soft ground or hard shadows of a mock-up can be displayed either on each planar wall of an environment or on a virtual plane. The realism of the scene can be significantly increased by taking advantage of the new generation of graphic adapters with object-to-object shadows. It produces highly realistic smooth self-shadowing effects. The shadow quality can be fully controlled with access to the color and contrast. Several lights can project shadows at the same time for complex scenes and lighting.
  • Now available at the core of CATIA V6, a cutting-edge, real-time visualization is offered for an astonishing lifelike experience for all. Once set and activated with the Realistic Rendering workbench, all the scenes can be visualized and reviewed at any time in any regular CATIA installation with no requirement for additional products. The predefined lighting environment and real-time shadows within CATIA V6 make the lifelike visualization better than ever.
  • All CATIA configurations come with ready-to-use advanced visualization capabilities. These capabilities are synthesized in all-in-one predefined sceneries called ambiences that are directly accessible from the contextual menu of the background, just as if you would like to modify your desktop wallpaper. Some ambiences are adapted for design creation and other are for design review activities. Others come with a significant visualization enhancement called SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) that provides an accurate perception of the 3D object by adding soft shadows between surfaces.
  • Produce high-quality photo-realistic images of a digital mock-up, with mental images’® latest generation rendering software component mental ray®. Its powerful ray-tracing engine dramatically enhances the realism of computer generated images by computing real soft shadows, as well as accurate reflections, and refractions of light.
  • CATIA Rendering provides a set of photographer-oriented tools, which allows advanced users to control aperture, shutter time, exposure or any parameters that are usually accessible on a real camera. All the computer generated images will enable physical definitions of materials and lights previously defined in the Realistic Rendering workbench. The produced images are progressively displayed directly within 3D, reinforcing the ease-of-use and the user immersion. The results can be saved in several formats like .rgb, .jpeg, .tif and .bmp.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Realistic Rendering

Training options

  • Imagine and Shape, 1 days
  • Generative Shape Design, 5 days
  • FreeStyle, 1.5 days


  • MEK or IDK or MIK
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