NC Machine Simulation (NMS)

DELMIA NC Machine Simulation simulates machining processes, helping users generate error-free and optimized NC programs. It enables NC programmers to assign a virtual machine to a part operation and simulate the machine motion and material removal based on NC tool paths. It detects collisions, if any, during simulation. It also detects axis limit errors, which can be interactively corrected by modifying the machining setup, thereby enabling the NC programmer to validate and finalize the part setup. Because NC Machine Simulation is an integrated part of the NC program preparation, the operators can validate their tool paths in a life-like experience prior to production runs.


  • One step user interaction to position the NC Assembly at the right location on the NC Machine and subsequent reach-ability analysis helps easy validation of the machining setup.
  • NC Machine motion based on tool paths helps the NC Programmer to validate that the programmed tool path is correct. It helps the user to identify any erroneous motion upfront, leading to generation of error free programs. It also enables the user to check and validate the quality of material removal.
  • The entire program or a selected operation of interest can be simulated as soon as it is defined leading to enhanced productivity.
  • Collisions in the machining environment caused due to machine motion can be detected and corrective actions taken, helping users to generate error free programs upfront.
  • Axes limits can be optionally displayed during simulation, giving feedback to the user that the selected NC Machine will be able to complete the program without exceeding limits.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • DELMIA Automation CLM Simulation Engine
  • NC Machine Tool Simulation
  • DELMIA 3-D Simulation
  • SIMULIA Realistic Simulation Infrastructure
  • DELMIA D5 Integration
  • ENOVIA VPM Dynamic Interference
  • Cycle times based on speeds and feeds defined on individual machine axes are displayed, giving the NC Programmer an estimate of the time taken to machine the part.

Training options


  • MIM or MTM
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