ENOVIA Live Similarity (LSI)

ENOVIA® Live Similarity saves users time and effort by integrating a shape-based search of CATIA V6 data through the contextual menu of the 3D navigation available in ENOVIA® 3DLive™. A shape-based search is an intuitive process that enables easy and quick information reuse through the product lifecycle stages such as design, planning, manufacturing, procurement, and inventory management.


  • Increase productivity and speed up design engineering by viewing and choosing part substitutions in a 3D environment.
  • Reduce duplicate parts and associated costs by identifying quickly similar parts.
  • Bring products to market faster by instantly checking part substitutions for design feasibility.
  • Access real-time information on part substitutions.
  • Navigate in the Graphical User Interface (GUI) available in ENOVIA 3DLive and identify similar shapes easily.
  • Instantly retrieve parts information and view appropriate available components in 3D thumbnails, with names and ranking information.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Live Similarity

Training options

  • Imagine and Shape, 1 days
  • CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals, 5 days
  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler, 1.5 days
  • Photo Studio, 0.5
  • Sketch Tracer, 0.5


  • CLK or MEK or IDK or MIK