Live Device Behavior (LDB)

DELMIA Live Device Behavior provides a tool to predict the performance of an industrial machine in the pre-design phase. This product is created for the designer in charge of the engineering of a new machine who wants to be sure that the machine specifications support the production requirements. At this stage of the engineering, the machine has already been fully or partially designed using CATIA Mechanical design. Then, using LDB, the designer is able to complete the design with the Kinematics. Sample motions of the machine are automatically generated from the CAD and kinematics. The design is then able to describe the behavior of the machine (motion sequences) through a GUI, which is based on a time chart. At any time, the designers can simulate the machine’s motions and analyze the behavior, using clash detection, cycle time, and motion sequence.


  • Easy way to create some motion capabilities directly from a CAD design.
  • Intuitive way to explain to a user how to create a behavior. The first time, a sample of behavior is automatically created. The user can start from this example to create a more realistic behavior.
  • Time chart UI calculates and optimizes the nominal cycle time. This is an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface dedicated for mechanical engineers. The time chart represents sequences of motions.
  • Rapid and intuitive way to create the motion directly in the 3D context. The impact in the time chart (motion duration) is automatically calculated.
  • Powerful way to validate the design of a machine. The user can see and analyze in 3D the machine's behavior at any moment.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Live Shape
  • Live Compose
  • IGES Interface
  • Standard Step Interface
  • Live VPM

Training options


  • MEK or MIK
Catia Product PDF