CATIA Imagine & Shape (IMS)

CATIA Imagine & Shape delivers ultra-fast modeling technology so that industrial designers can embrace styling creation directly in the CATIA design environment. It introduces a revolutionary way of designing products, by enabling any user to simply and quickly transform an idea into 3D. This new approach, based on exact subdivision surfaces, is unique to the CAD market.

In addition, designers can interactively create realistic renderings in real-time so that their team members can visualize their ideas. Export in STL format is possible for rapid prototyping. Ultimately, this allows design teams to decide earlier in the virtual stage of development, so they don’t waste time or money on expensive prototypes, production resources, and product launch activities.


  • CATIA Imagine & Shape enables designers to easily transform ideas into exact 3D geometry models in a few minutes, starting from scratch for 3D creativity or 2D sketches. Designers can quickly and easily import their 2D creations and work directly with native files, for example, Photoshop files
  • Capture innovative ideas and naturally explore multiple variations with easy-to-use, intuitive, and ultra-fast modeling tools. CATIA Imagine & Shape enriches the traditional approach of concept surface modeling by introducing a new comprehensive approach methodology. Based on the power of the unique subdivision technology, Imagine & Shape stimulates innovation by accelerating the 3D creativity of complex aesthetical shapes. The subdivision technology offers an unrivaled freedom to intuitively define and control a shape and enables the creation of surfaces that are compliant with any CATIA V6 applications.
  • From a designer’s perspective, the main reason for the physical mock-up is to look at different design shapes in order to validate the design. With CATIA Imagine & Shape’s real-time visualization, you can explore much more virtual design alternatives and decide faster. In addition, you can explore more styling shape ideas quicker, reduce the number of physical mock-ups by selecting only the relevant ones, and create innovative and complex shape products easier.
  • With CATIA Imagine & Shape, users can shape a new idea from scratch, or from sketches, and then directly continue into the detailed design stage. Shapes can also be refined before being reshaped in other V6 applications like the Freestyle and Generative Shape Design workbenches. Additionally, users can quickly create templates with V6 knowledgeware capabilities.
  • CATIA Imagine & Shape is natively integrated with all V6 applications, from style surface engineering to manufacturing. There is no need for data conversions between styling and engineering design during the required modification loops. Moreover, the native integration supports full associativity between styling and all downstream V6 applications, meaning that a styling modification can be quickly propagated. Using CATIA Imagine & Shape in conjunction with the V6 portfolio, you can leverage collaboration between different teams, especially between designers and engineers.
  • The high-end, real-time visualization features in CATIA Imagine & Shape enable designers to persuade and accelerate design validation. They can also interactively create realistic renderings in real-time. By providing the ultimate dynamic display of your mock-up, you can efficiently evaluate and validate your design at any time during the product development process.
  • This new modeler provides users with a natural and intuitive way of drawing and controlling a complex curve. These curves can be logically created in the model. The subdivision surfaces can be then controlled by curves for global deformation.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Imagine and Shape
  • Shape Sculptor
  • Freestyle Shape Design 1
  • Freestyle Sketch Tracer
  • Real Time Rendering

Training options

  • Imagine and Shape, 1 days
  • CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals, 5 days
  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler, 1.5 days
  • Photo Studio, 0.5 days
  • FreeStyle Sketch Tracer, 0.5 days


  • MEK or MIK
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