CATIA Industrial Design Pack (IDK)

CATIA Industrial Design is the ideal workflow solution for styling and design. It empowers you to perform design sketch integration, ultra-fast 3D ideation concept modeling with subdivision surfaces, high-end surfacing, high-end real-time visualization, and photo-realistic rendering with mental ray. Standard exports are managed through STEP and IGES formats; while STL files are used for rapid prototyping. With the bundled ENOVIA configuration, design departments can now work within a single PLM environment to efficiently manage, review, and reuse V6 work-in-progress product information. It also ensures that CATIA users can manage, manipulate, track and collaborate on product structures and Engineering Bill of Materials (EBOMs) throughout the product lifecycle, which in the end minimizes errors, helps eliminate part-redundancy, and speeds up the product-development processes.


  • 2D stylists can integrate their work directly into the 3D CATIA environment, as the design reference for 3D modeling, with an intuitive toolset to calibrate the designer environment. 2D is easy to position and scale, further supporting the 3D geometric construction.
  • Delivers a revolutionary direct 3D modeling for casual users to quickly create design concepts and easily modify existing ones, as well as those from other CAD solutions.
  • Dedicated to aesthetical shape creation for conceptual design. This introduces a new way of modeling, similar to clay modeling, which allows designers to create very complex shapes simply and rapidly. Its natural way of working allows you to explore lots of innovative ideas.
  • Dramatically simplifies the shape design process by unifying all types of free-form curves and surfaces in a single math-free representation. Provides surface-based tools to help designers create styled shapes and surfaces, enabling even casual users to easily smooth and trim curves and surfaces. Real-time quality checking is possible through curve and surface diagnostic and analysis tools.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating and modifying mechanical surfaces used in the design of complex shapes or hybrid parts.
  • Easily share data and ideas. Featuring image exchange, viewpoint synchronization, co-review and co-design, this solution allows instant and asynchronous collaboration between designers and engineers connected to the project reference.
  • Designers can interactively create realistic renderings in real-time. They can also dynamically create and manipulate materials, lights, and environments with instant feedback. Plus, it’s possible to generate high-quality photo-realistic images based on industry leading mental images’ last-generation rendering software component.
  • Delivers industry quality drawing production tools to designers.
  • Provides tools to quickly transform 3D virtual models into real physical prototypes for quality, ergonomic and aesthetic evaluation. This delivers mesh creation to export as a standard binary STL file for rapid prototyping machining.
  • Leverage concurrent engineering by enabling different users from different locations to work at the same time on the same assembly.
  • Work in a PLM 2.0 pre configured environment in the native user environment.
  • ENOVIA Live Collaboration establishes the necessary environment for end-users to effectively collaborate during product development. ENOVIA Live Collaboration’s rich business process services enable collaboration between all users regardless of functional roles while allowing management to measure the effectiveness of the overall product development process.
  • Offers enterprise-level collaboration while maintaining the productivity of end-users. With product content being managed in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environment rather than on users' PCs, organizations now are able to create, manage and review product content more securely.
  • Fully secured environment.
  • Unique environment for document management with native Microsoft integration
  • Immersive Bill of material


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Express Live Collaboration
  • Live Collaboration for Workgroups
  • Collaboration for Microsoft
  • 3DLive Configuration
  • VPM Team Central
  • VPM Team BOM Editor
  • VPM 3D Indexing
  • Imagine and Shape
  • CATIA Live Shape
  • Freestyle Shape Design 1
  • Freestyle Sketch
  • Generative Shape Design 1
  • Photo Studio 1
  • Real Time Rendering
  • IGES Interface
  • Standard Step Interface
  • Shape Sculptor
  • Generative Drafting
  • Interactive Drafting
  • V4 Integration
  • Materials Definition
  • Collaborative Design
  • VPM Physical Editor
  • 2D Layout Browser
  • STL Standard Rapid Prototyping

Training options

  • Imagine and Shape, 1 day
  • CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals, 5 days
  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler, 1.5 days
  • Photo Studio, 0.5 day
  • FreeStyle Sketch Tracer, 0.5 day


  • None
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