Generative Shape Optimizer (GSO)

CATIA Generative Shape Optimizer embeds one-of-a-kind, breakthrough technologies that enable users to quickly perform global morphing on complex shapes. In addition, users can interactively deform shapes. This easy-to-use environment helps designers to significantly increase productivity in order to optimize product or tooling definitions and speed up the design process.


  • The Wrap Curve function allows the global deformation of a surface respecting a computed law between two nets of curves (reference and target). The Tangency constraints can be kept on the first and last curves. Wrap Surface allows a global deformation of a surface while respecting computed law.
  • This function permits the deformation of an existing shape through defined constraints. Points can be sent to target points; Reference curves can be sent to target curves with a given level of continuity with adjacent elements (G0, G1); Limit curve determines the area of the deformation and allows any part of the 'body to deform' to remain frozen (with additional G0, G1, G2 constraints).
  • This makes it possible to locally deform a surface using the form of a bulge or hollow. It can be manipulated through the point and tension parameters
  • Manages offset non-tangent piecewise skins with different values. Allows automatic joining of the resulting areas if the result quality allows it (G1 connections). Provides high quality surface creation and productivity gains, especially in plastic industries.
  • This flexible offsetting function produces offset surfaces on shapes with constraints, extending offset capabilities in order to perform a global offset on complex shapes.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Generative Shape Optimizer

Training options

  • Imagine and Shape, 1 days
  • CATIA PLM Express Fundamentals, 5 days
  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler, 1.5 days
  • Photo Studio, 0.5
  • Sketch Tracer, 0.5


  • SUR or IDK
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