CATIA – Concept Shape Industrialization (FSD)

CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization provides all the surfacing tools to design any complex styled shapes, from early concept modeling to industrialized surfacing ready for production. It dramatically simplifies the shape design process by unifying all types of free-form curves and surfaces in a single math-free representation. CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization also provides designers with real-time, high-end visualization tools and takes advantage of the powerful collaboration solutions embedded in CATIA V6.


  • CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization integrates an unrivaled free-form modeler. You can intuitively create and modify 3D and planar curves from control points, near points, or through point construction. The product offers a complete set of fully-associative styling sweeps, covering the different needs for profiled surface creation and ensuring curvature continuity with references.
  • CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization enables the use of a pure surface-based approach that minimizes the need for curve manipulation. Designers can create flawless, styled shapes from scratch, in order to model three-dimensional free-form curves and surfaces. The system can blend and extrude curves, fill, and blend or match surfaces.
  • CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization offers dynamic, interactive shape deformation capacities, allowing users to easily adjust their designs. Smart and advanced tools enable the user to dynamically deform single or multi-surface shapes. Designers change the shapes by matching, smoothing and trimming curves and surfaces. The control point capability offers an interactive manipulation of curves and surfaces. Users intuitively modify control points on shapes and trimmed surface boundaries with direct mouse-based manipulation and with an immediate propagation of design change. Deformation laws on the control points refine the actions.
  • CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization enables realistic, dynamic, and advanced renderings through the creation and manipulation of materials, lights, environments and stickers. Designers can interactively create material texture definitions with controlled parameters such as color, luminance, transparency and reflectivity. Users are able to define reusable scene settings. User-defined rendering objects like environments, lights or cameras can be stored in a catalog and thus enable the user to reapply a successful anterior solution in any future project.
  • CATIA Concept Shape Industrialization provides immediate visual quality control through extensive and associative real-time curve and surface diagnosis tools. Thanks to the Virtual Showroom Inspection capacities, designers can check the quality of their surfaces with high accuracy and realism within a virtual showroom simulator, through the computation of reflect lines produced from a virtual neon row. Users can dynamically change the number, spacing and orientation of the neon lights to obtain the best surface reflection.


Contains the following CATIA modules

  • Freestyle Shaper
  • Freestyle Optimizer
  • Freestyle Profiler
  • Real Time Rendering

Training options

  • FreeStyle Shaper, Optimizer and Profiler, 1.5 days
  • FreeStyle Sketch Tracer, 0.5 days


  • SUR
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