CATIA Wire Harness Documentation and Formboard (EFK)

Achieves flattening of Electrical Harnesses for 3D manufacturing Formboard design

Once a product is ready for manufacturing, its design must be thoroughly accurate or the mistakes can be costly and the delays can be long. Good collaboration will spare you mistakes while ensuring quality documentation creation and successful design between harness designers and manufacturing.

CATIA Wire Harness Documentation & Formboard generates a 3D flattened definition of wire harness designs to define a 3D manufacturing harness formboard. In addition, it provides a set of functions to manipulate the flattened harness as easily as in a 2D view as well as to define its layout in 3D.

Thanks to a total integration with the CATIA Harness design data model, any harness design change can be automatically transferred to the manufacturing 3D.


  • Use a flexible solution for electrical harness manufacturing preparation
  • Eliminate the need for physical prototypes to validate electrical design
  • Support a smooth iterative design process between OEM and harness manufacturers
  • Reduce recurring manufacturing cost with efficient formboard reuse
  • Facilitate the definition of harness formboards with a user-friendly interface
  • Take manufacturing constraints into account with Tolerancing management


Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • MEK or MIK
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