CATIA Surface FE Modeling (SFE)

CATIA Surface FE Modeling (SFE) provides a meshing capability for surface parts and wireframe geometries and defines the associated properties (thicknesses, material, beam section, etc.). The solution, based on a powerful topological engine, supports creating finite element models with assembly joints and other fasteners, including spot seam and surface welds. It also provides tools to analyze mesh quality according to pre-defined and customizable criteria. SFE provides the capability to completely generate 1D & 2D FE models ready for boundary condition definition.



  • Compliments the functionality of CATIA Structural Analysis (STA) with advanced surface meshing capabilities and associated model properties.
  • Simple FE model construction associative to the geometrie permitting maximum design information (e.g. thickness, composite stack-up, material).
  • Handling of the FE model as a separate entity within the PLM to fully control its life-cycle. The FEM representation is similar to the 3D shape that contains the geometry.
  • Ability to handle several FE models corresponding to different simulations on the same product.
  • Automates the cumbersome process of FE modeling, whose single objective is to comply with simulation and solver requirements.
  • A user-friendly and comprehensible analysis environment that enables both designers and engineers to inspect product quality.
  • Reduced costs resulting from the ability to detect problems early in the design process.
  • Productivity gains due to a common environment that enables seamless analysis-design iterations.

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