SIMULIA Scenario Definiton (SCD)

Scenario Definition (SCD), built on the ENOVIA V6 infrastructure, accelerates product development by providing timely access to the right information through secure storage, search, and retrieval with distinct functionality dedicated specifically to simulation processes and data. It maximizes the value of company-generated simulation IP through the capture, re-use, and deployment of simulation data and best practices for collaborative product development. The associated simulation Intellectual Property (IP) is fully secured, searchable, and lifecycle managed with full traceability within the V6 iPLM environment.



  • Organize simulation IP in secure, access controlled workspaces
  • Full search capabilities, including configurable simulation attributes
  • Configurable connectors to quickly integrate and execute 3rd party and customer models and applications
  • Chain individual Simulation Activities together to form a complete Simulation Process
  • Pass simulation parameters from Activity to Activity within the Process
  • Establish rules for export and import of data during Process execution
  • Capture company best practice Simulation Processes within Simulation Templates

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • None