DesignSight Thermal (DTH)

DesignSight Thermal (DTH) extends the suite of DesignSight simulation products to enable occasional users of simulation to model the complexities of real-world thermal scenarios. The product models single parts under a variety of thermal loading conditions with the goal of providing insights to help designers improve their designs. The DesignSight suite enables product designers with minimal simulation knowledge to assess compliance with performance and manufacturability requirements. An intuitive user interface and robust analysis capabilities provide feedback on product performance. DesignSight is a scalable product line that allows product designers to pass models to simulation specialists using more advanced FEA tools from SIMULIA for more detailed study, as well as re-use simulation templates developed by subject matter experts.



  • Simulates realistic behavior under steady-state thermal loading conditions.
  • Leverages the same Abaqus technology used by expert analysts.
  • High performance on multi-core workstations.
  • Runs on remote HPC clusters if Abaqus tokens are available.
  • Automatically generates the right mesh with adaptive refinement.
  • Based on the new V6 lifelike user experience.
  • Provides guidance at all times to help the user understand what to do next.
  • Natural extension of the design experience.
  • Advanced simulation technology with an easyto- use interface.

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


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