CATIA Advanced FE Modeling (AFE)

CATIA Advanced FE Modeling (AFE) enables automatic and associative meshing as well as manual mesh creation on surfaces and complex solid parts. Thanks to its unique topology simplification and access to advanced mesh parameters you can enable high-quality meshing.



  • Environment to fully control its life-cycle. The FEM representation is similar to the 3D shape that contains the geometry.
  • Able to handle several FE models corresponding to different simulations on the same product.
  • Automate the cumbersome process of FE modeling, whose single objective is to comply with simulation and solver requirements.
  • The user-friendly and comprehensive analysis environment enables both designers and engineers to inspect product quality.
  • Reduce costs thanks to the ability to detect problems early in the design process.
  • Productivity gains thanks to a common environment that enables seamless design-analyze-improve iterations.

Contains the following CATIA modules

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