Exalead CloudView™ is a one-of-a-kind search engine that collects unstructured and structured data from any source, in any format and in any volume, and automatically transforms it into a single structured information resource. This resource, which continually evolves and adapts as your data evolves, can be directly searched or used to develop innovative search-based applications (SBAs).


  • CloudView provides a single point of access to all your content, breaking down knowledge silos. Searches can be launched from a simple, Web-style text box, and results are automatically organized into categories for one-click refinement. User aids like related query suggestions, phonetic and approximate spelling matches, and spelling correction further ensure fast, successful search. Transform scattered data into Extended Enterprise Information Assets
  • CloudView's advanced semantic technologies automatically analyze, normalize and categorize heterogeneous unstructured and structured data into a unified information resource that can be distributed, accessed and displayed with unprecedented flexibility, automation, and speed. In fact, a search engine like CloudView can process information access requests 100s of times faster than traditional relational database systems.
  • CloudView is an ideal tool for enabling broad access to real-time reporting for better day-to-day decision making. CloudView can non-intrusively index in real-time (or quasi real-time) all desired sources for wide-scope intelligence, with built-in statistical processors enabling rich out-of-the box reporting. Users simply click on data of interest to generate on-the-fly visual reporting (bar charts, pie charts, maps, reports, etc.). Unlike traditional database applications, there is no need to pre-determine user needs and possible data views in order to open up a resource for reporting.


  • Unlock hidden value in unused or under-utilized information assets
  • Tap into new information resources
  • Boost productivity and efficiency
  • Enable faster, smarter decision-making
  • Encourage exploration, discovery and collaboration

Contains the following CATIA modules

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