Workflow Management Web - WFM

ENOVIA Workflow Management Web (WFM) enables process automation, which contributes to enhanced business process performance in the enterprise.

Supervisors who are in charge of managing processes, such as engineering change or document routing, can utilize available workflow templates (generated by ENOVIA – Workflow Definition Web) to get processes rapidly up and running. With the workflow template ready at hand, all the supervisor needs to do is assign resources and attach input objects required by the workflow. A graphical workflow viewer is provided for process owners to monitor workflow status and progression. A running workflow can be adjusted from time-to-time to improve the workflow performance.

ENOVIA – Workflow Management Web is available as a web-based, light client application and takes advantage of all the functionality offered by VPM Web Navigator. All workflow performers can access their work-to-do (workflow activities) via VPM Web Navigator user interface.



  • Ability to manage workflow templates (generated by ENOVIA - Workflow Definition Web): check-in and -out from the database, versioning, etc
  • Ability to activate a workflow process using available workflow templates
  • Ability to assign resources (workflow performers) at the start of a workflow throughout the process
  • Ability to graphically monitor active workflow status and progression
  • Ability to modify active processes

Contains the following CATIA modules

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