ENOVIA Supply Chain Exchange (SCE) provides functions for exchanging project-based product data with suppliers and partners. Exchanges are performed in standard-based (STEP) format to enable OEMs to exchange product structures along with associated 3D design data with partners who might be using different product data management systems.

Functions are provided for supervisors or data exchange administrators to define exchange profiles for each partner in each project by taking into account the format used, type of exchanged objects, security rules, etc.

After exchange profiles are setup, end-users can perform data exchange by simply choosing a project name, a partner name, and an object to be exchanged. This simplifies the exchange process for the end users and enables repeatability of the exchange using existing profiles.



  • STEP-based data exchange function that enhances OEMs' collaboration with suppliers and partners
  • Ability to set up custom exchange for each partnerin each project by taking into account the format used, types of objects be exchanged, security rules, etc.
  • Push-button exchange function for the end users

Contains the following CATIA modules

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