ENOVIA V6 enables PLM 2.0, the online collaborative environment that involves creators, collaborators and consumers in the product lifecycle. Delivering benefits today that prepare customers for tomorrow, ENOVIA V6 provides global collaborative innovation, online creation and collaboration, a single PLM platform for IP management, a life-like experience, ready-to-use PLM business processes, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The products are organized into four business process-based domains in order to best target specific areas to address – Governance, Global Sourcing, IP Lifecycle Management, and Unified Live Collaboration.

IP Lifecycle Management

provides teams of any size, specialized tools that manage, store, and retrieve the engineering data authored during virtual design, simulation, and manufacturing. Specialized tools for data federation, warehousing, and indexing provide instantaneous access to the right data at the right time.

Unified Live Collaboration

aggregates IP across all business process domains into a single meta-model so users across the extended enterprise can easily and quickly find product IP based on key words and file content regardless of how it was originally created. It enables collaboration involving stakeholders across product development and identify where the business process needs to be modified to eliminate bottlenecks.

Global Sourcing

provides in-depth solutions to Quality Managers, Enterprise Sourcing Managers, and Engineering departments, enabling collaboration, integration, and analysis of supplier partners. The product suite delivers Supply Chain Network tools for sourcing, negotiation, and quote management; Collaborative Sourcing for rapid engineering integration of supplied components, and Supplier Performance Monitoring to continually monitor supplier success.


addresses all stages of the product development cycle across a broad range of industries to meet the needs of companies large and small. Governance solutions encompass program management to run development activities efficiently, requirements management to capture the needs of the consumer and portfolio configuration management to determine the optimal mix of product variety.

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