ENOVIA – Collaborative Innovation

ENOVIA is the only PLM solution that delivers a production proven SOA architecture for driving collaborative innovation. Our solutions link enterprise and multi-discipline engineering users, enabling everyone to work within ‘a single version of the truth.’ The ENOVIA portfolio offers industry solutions for the enterprise and small to mid-market.

In continuing our efforts to provide leading-edge solutions, Dassault Systemes, and Idex Solutions as a Certified Reseller, supports the ENOVIA V6, ENOVIA SmarTeam, and ENOVIA V5 DMU portfolios.

Training Offerings

  • V5 VPM for Engineering Collaboration
  • V5 VPM for Lifecycle Collaboration
  • V5 VPM for Supply Chain Collaboration
  • V5 VPM Fundamentals
  • V6 Architecture Essentials
  • Installation and Administration for Oracle and Tomcat Environment
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ENOVIA – your world in formation