SIMULIA DesignSight Structure (LSM)

Live Simulation Review (LSM), is an extension of 3DLive’s capabilities for 3D search and navigation with simulation focused functionality such as the ability to identify and navigate to all simulations performed on a given part or assembly. It empowers collaborators to access simulation data, instantiate simulation templates, execute simulations, and review simulation results for collaborative decision making during the product development process.



  • 3D visual representations of simulation data for all stakeholders extends the reach of simulation throughout the enterprise
  • Simulation templates can be configured, instantiated and executed, enabling a wide set of users to perform simulations according to company-specific best practices
  • Jobs can be launched and monitored and their log displayed
  • Simulation-specific compass capabilities provide in context information on simulations performed on product/part designs
  • 3D search and navigation following the 3DLive paradigm
  • Provided at no extra cost to Scenario Definition licensees

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • None