Extended Milling Machining (EMM)

DELMIA Extended Milling Machining (EMM) extends the capability of DELMIA Milling Machining (MIM) and allows the NC programmers to create tool path programs for multi-axis milling machines. The NC tool path programmer is immersed in a V6 3D environment where they can interact with complete machining station as they create, optimize, and validate the multi-axis, milling programs.


  • Advanced multi axis operations
  • Dedicated operations to Machine Multi pocket part
  • NURBS output for five axis machining.


  • Optimized tool paths and reduced machining time
  • Quick tool path definition thanks to an intuitive user interface
  • Rapid verification of tool path
  • Management of impacts between Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Associativity with CATIA design tools for efficient design change management
  • Machining resources in database
  • Reduced administration costs and skills efforts
  • High level of automation and standardization by capture and re-use of proven manufacturing know-how

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options