DELMIA V6 delivers a new experience in Manufacturing Lifecycle Management (MLM) that brings all Intellectual Property (IP) in the corporate community into one system allowing all actors from multidisciplinary engineering groups to enterprise business users to make correct and timely decisions by accessing up-to-date manufacturing lifecycle information.

DELMIA V6 allows manufacturers in any industry, such as Automotive, Aerospace, High-Tech, Industrial Equipment and Shipbuilding to virtually experience their entire factory production from the impact of design to determining how to meet global demand, allowing manufacturers to address and shift processes to quickly respond to the competition and take advantage of market opportunities.

Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning provides the manufacturing communities throughout the supply chain with comprehensive 3D process and resource planning solutions for creating and optimizing build-to-order and lean production manufacturing systems.

Plant and Resources Engineering

Plant and Resource Engineering supplies the tools to define and optimize manufacturing assets concurrently with manufacturing planning, leveraging DELMIA’s unique Product Process Resource (PPR) model.

Program Control Engineering

Program and Control Engineering provides a suite of solutions that allow the user to virtually program, validate and simulate manufacturing systems for the virtual commissioning of production facilities.

Collaborative Innovation

Products within the Collaborative Innovation deliver powerful tools that help users communicate, leverage IP, and breakdown the traditional barriers within an enterprise. DELMIA’s contributions to this domain provides support to users who need access to data authored and managed in the unique DELMIA V6 product, process, and resource model.

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