Mechanical Surface Design (SUR)

First class solution for mechanical shape design

The use of conventional CAD systems can add confusion to design modifications as well as complicate the collaboration process between designers. This can delay product development unless you use a comprehensive solution that allows users to collaborate easily, as well as create and verify the quality of shapes.

CATIA Mechanical Surface Design provides a unique and powerful spec-driven modeling approach for the creation of high-end mechanical shapes, as well as intuitive manipulation of free form surfaces. This standard solution for high quality surface modeling promotes efficient, concurrent engineering between styling and shape design so that the product design workflow is optimized.



  • Create mechanical surfaces thanks to end-to-end, full process coverage
  • Speed-up design process with flexible methodology
  • Address hybrid modeling requirements
  • Ensure high-end design quality
  • Capture and re-use design methodologies and specifications with a productive and intuitive design environment
  • Use with ease

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • MDE or CFD