Systems DBM Export for Simulink (SMK)

A complete systems model developed in CATIA DBM can be simulated within a Simulink environment

Today, more and more equipment such as specialized machine tools, vehicles, aircraft or nuclear power plants, control logic is performed by programs embedded within Electronic Control Units (ECU’s). Often written on their own, these controller programs lack overall simulation of the controller coupled to the formal model of the controlled equipment.

To stimulate and validate these ECU’s CATIA Systems DBM export for Simulink enables systems engineers to export the plant model code to a MATLAB/Simulink environment. As a result, the important Simulink community of systems engineers can benefit from these Modelica plant models developed in CATIA DBM with its tight integration to 3D CAD modeling. The Simulink interface ensures the simulation of both the controlled plant and controller models to validate the closed loop system.

With this export capability, systems engineers tighten their cross-discipline collaboration – whether they are CATIA Systems V6 or Simulink users.



  • Export a Modelica plant model developed in CATIA DBM to use it in a Simulink environment
  • Strengthen collaborative work between systems engineers using CATIA Systems V6 or Simulink

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