Structure Functional Design (SFD)

Preliminary Structure Design

In order to establish a global project definition, structure engineers and naval architects need productive 3D immersive tools to complete their preliminary design, before getting into the detailed design operations. Traditionally, shipbuilding designers must take a general layout or conceptual plan and develop an initial structural scheme with parametric features for the purpose of rapid design cycles, associating class rules, stability and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

CATIA Structure Functional Design delivers a preliminary structure design application to rapidly define, capture the intent of a project and create structural elements and materials thanks to parametric design, allowing multiple design variations and iterations. It provides a set of tools to define all Decks, major Bulkheads, Plates, Stiffeners, Sections, Beams, Pillars, Braces, as well as main Openings andreinforced Edges, and allows automatic updates when parameters are changed.

Structure engineers are able to obtain early weight, material, labor and balance estimation of the structure as well as the classification drawings including conventions. They can also extract a structural mesh of the whole ship to process global Finite Element Analysis (FEA), to get required approval of the basic design.



  • Rapidly capture preliminary structure project intent with productive modeling tools
  • Easily and quickly experiment multiple design variations and reduce design development cycles
  • Estimate your future costs
  • Focus on your design with this easy to use, job oriented application
  • Take advantage of high performances and data size capabilities
  • Benefit from strong Knowledge capture and capitalization

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • MDE or TDD