Systems Pneumatics Library (PNY)

The Pneumatics Library allows you to verify and optimize the design of your complete pneumatic system from early design phases to production. Contrary to special-purpose tools for the same type of simulations, the Pneumatics library has an open, object-oriented architecture so that all models can be inspected as source code in Modelica® and customized to fit user-specific needs. This has allowed for deployment to accurately capture a wide range of processes, including complex gas flows in combustion-driven jackhammers. Users can connect components freely as they desire, which makes it is easy to complete non-standard configurations. The library models are based on extensive literature research, many years of experience and validation in research applications as well as industrial projects. The models can also be used for real-time and hardware-in-the-loop applications. The Pneumatics Library is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for the modeling of pneumatic systems. Applications include automotive suspensions and brake systems, machine tools, and jackhammers.



  • Model and optimize pneumatic systems such as brakes, suspensions, and machine tools
  • Wide range of models for cylinders, motors, valves, nozzles, lines and volumes
  • Real-time multi-engineering
  • Simple, efficient, and accurate virtual development of complex multiengineering systems
  • Full product virtual testing

Contains the following CATIA modules

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