CATIA Live Shape (LSE)

3D Innovation for Everyone

Let’s say you have an idea but don’t know how to express it. So, you start from scratch with 2D sketches and eventually come to a standstill. With CATIA Live Shape, simply pass it on to your company’s CAD specialists anywhere in the world. Since everyone can collaborate in 3D anytime, anywhere, you can easily exchange as many iterations as needed and develop the design down to the very last detail.

CATIA Live Shape makes 3D innovation come naturally and easily to everyone. Whether you are a casual user or a CAD-specialist, you can quickly create new designs or easily modify existing ones, even from other CAD solutions, and create a powerful cycle of productivity. Once it reaches the manufacturing phase, the manufacturing team can comfortably and easily modify the design in order to embed manufacturing constraints and manufacture correctly. Never has it been so easy for downstream users, such as analysis or manufacturing users, to access and modify a design so late in the process.

CATIA Live Shape is a direct editing modeler which enables hybrid modeling such as solid, surface or wireframe modeling. The seamless integration with a feature-based modeler enables you to reuse your conceptual designs as preliminary shapes in other traditional workbenches for further detailed design. Feature-based or non-native parts, originating from V4, V5 or any CAD system can be modified very easily without the need to know the dependences between features, since the history-free modeler recognizes features such as a ribs, holes or bosses in real-time.

With CATIA Live Compose, simply search for the right pieces, drop them into your ‘3D basket’ and position them to compose a new assembly on the fly. With collaborative sessions in 3D, anyone can easily modify your proposal in a collective brainstorm anytime, anywhere.



  • Realize ideas in 3D instead of 2D
  • Access and compose new projects from existing products instantly
  • Compose with speed and ease
  • Model naturally and easily
  • Brainstorm in 3D instantly
  • Harness collective intelligence
  • Extend 3D innovation
  • Modify late in the design
  • Benefit from direct modeling and exact dimensioning
  • Experience total integration from concept to detailed design
  • Can adapt with any V4, V5 or multi-CAD data
  • Speed up the decision process

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • LIV and CPF