ICEM Shape Design Expert (IEX)

Delivers highly productive capabilities to create, edit and analyze aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class A surface quality

As the demands of consumers become more complex, so do the product designs. A surface designer is very often challenged to achieve the aspirations of the design intent with the tool sets they use, thus requiring many years of experience and skills of how to achieve this.

CATIA ICEM Shape Design Expert (IEX) offers an extended tool set which complements the ISH commercial product. This add-on module enables the creation and modeling of aesthetic and ergonomic shapes using advanced global surface modeling and shape modeling capabilities. In addition this product provides specialized Class A and dedicated Industry specific functionality such as Advanced filleting, Create Gap and advanced Analysis capabilities.



  • Offers an extended set of tools to complement ISH to realize your design aspirations
  • Combine easily freeform and global modeling with feature based operations
  • Preliminary advanced analysis of downstream manufacturing conditions

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


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