Engineering Process Automation Creation (DPC)

Capture, capitalize, transform and automate your current business processes to develop vertical applications and dedicated workbenches.

CATIA Automated Design Process Creation first allows companies to model and automate their best practices and know-how. It’s done in a simple and intuitive way, without coding. From complex conceptual studies in the automotive to airframe structure generation for instance, an expert is able to capture, model, automate design and engineering tasks, embed core-knowledge rules and checks within those tasks. Secondly, the so-called captured best practices are delivered within the enterprise through a customized V6 application that includes all the required features and process knowledge.

CATIA Automated Design Process Creation takes advantage of the wide range of products in the CATIA V6 portfolio and leverages their capabilities in a powerful process-driven way. End-users have access to these high level V6 engineering process applications in the same way they have access to any other CATIA V6 workbenches. Users can create products while following a pre-defined methodology derived from the enterprise’s best practices as captured by the experts.

Guided by skilled rules and checks, free from time-consuming, repetitive design tasks, and benefiting from knowledge-driven task automation, users can then unleash their creativity and focus on innovation. Companies can considerably increase their competitiveness by providing better products and reducing costs.



  • Capture business processes and best practices
  • Automate design and engineering tasks
  • Generate design assistants in a simple and intuitive way
  • Deploy best practices and know how in an easy to reuse way
  • Accelerate and secure design process time

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • MDE or TDD