Systems Logic Code Generator (CCG)

CATIA Systems Logic Code Generator generates and controls logic program based on C code from the program’s formal definition.

Written on their own, C-based programs lack a direct link with the embedded code definition. These programs are difficult to simulate and validate.

CATIA Systems Logic Code Generator provides the user with the capability to generate a control logic program from the program formal definition created in the CATIA Systems Logic Control Modeling product. This C based program is used by equipment where controls logic is run by a CPU (i.e. specialized machine tools, aircraft/vehicle control systems, etc.).

Its compiler is based on very powerful technology, used in the aerospace industry, to produce safety critical embedded software: efficiency, traceability, modularity & reliability are some of the key aspects of the produced code. CATIA Systems C Code Generator allows system engineers to define, simulate and generate automatically a reliable C-code for any control systems.



  • Good quality of code directly linked with its formal definition
  • Quick generation of the embedded code
  • Reliable and traceable generated code

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