CATIA V6 leverages the capacity of innovation for companies of all sizes in all industries by delivering breakthrough productivity design solutions powered by a highly collaborative platform. CATIA V6 enables the full spectrum of next generation collaborative virtual design including systems engineering, shape design, mechanical and equipment engineering, and company knowledge reuse.

Business Software Solutions


CATIA Systems

Across industries, products are getting increasingly complex, involving many more engineering disciplines, with the value shifting from the products themselves to the actual services demanding customers expect from these products. CATIA Systems uniquely captures, manages, and tracks product requirements with full traceability, ensuring that early requirements are met accurately all along the product development cycle, from functional architecture and logical breakdown to physical design and testing.

Systems Architecture

Systems Modeling and Libraries


CATIA Shape provides industrial designers, Class A modelers, and mechanical engineers with a full suite of surfacing, reverse engineering, and visualization solutions to create, modify, and validate any type of complex innovative shapes and help streamline the transition and collaboration between Design, Class A and Engineering departments. From subdivision, styling, and Class A surfaces to mechanical functional surfaces, CATIA Shape covers all the surface creation and modification needs.

Industrial Design

Mechanical surfaces & BiW

Surface Refinement

CATIA Mechanical

CATIA Mechanical delivers a highly collaborative and flexible design environment with full concurrent engineering and high performance change management through relational design to enable the efficient definition and engineering of any type of 3D parts and assemblies, from the simplest to the most advanced. In V6, CATIA expands 3D design to user communities outside of the design office, addressing each profile with the right modeler capabilities such as direct 3D modeling, geometrical surfaces handling, feature-based design and history-free functional modeling.

3D Conceptual Design

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Product Design

Tooling Design

CATIA Equipment

CATIA Equipment provides an integrated environment that enables the collaborative detailed design of electronic, electrical, and fluidic systems in context of a virtual product. While design is driven by the system logical definition to ensure conformity with product specifications, full traceability, and configuration management, knowledge rules are integrated to enable the automatic compliance to standards throughout the design process, all the way to the production of associative documentation for manufacturing. Such an integrated environment improves design quality, drastically reduces time needed for modifications, and minimizes errors.




Design Knowledge

Design Knowledge & Re-use enables companies to model, capitalize and re-use the full complexity of their engineering Knowledge, in order to accelerate and secure drastically their product development processes.

Design Knowledge & Re-use accelerates company’s business processes while ensuring compliance with its best practices and taking advantage of its collective know-how. It provide to the users an access to advanced design parameterization, knowledge capture and optimization tools and allows to define standard rules and checks for design quality assessment.

Interface & Reuse


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