STEP Core Interface 1 (ST1)

CATIA – STEP Core Interface 1 (ST1) helps users working in a heterogeneous CAD/CAM environment to exchange data through a neutral format. This utility allows users to interactively read and write data in STEP AP214 and STEP AP203 data formats allowing reliable bi-directional data exchange between dissimilar systems. To facilitate access to data, CATIA Version 5 offers a homogeneous user interface for all supported formats, using Windows-compliant user interface controls (such as File > Open, File > Save as) and automatic recognition of the STEP file type.



  • Supports for AP214 and for AP203.
  • Windows-compliant access to STEP files.
  • Supports of geometry and assembly structures.
  • Ensures the transfer quality and reliability.
  • High data transfer performance.

Contains the following CATIA modules

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