Electrical Wire Routing 2 (EWR)

CATIA – Electrical Wire Routing 2 (EWR) generates electrical wires within the digital mock-up, according to the functional or wiring specifications. The wires are routed according to specifications coming from external electrical CAD systems or the functional definition coming from the CATIA – Electrical Functional Definition (EFD) product. The wires are generated in a bundle network designed with the CATIA Electrical Harness Installation 2 or through a space reservation network defined by CATIA – System Space Reservation 2 (SSR). CATIA – Electrical Wire Routing 2 (EWR) allows users to capture and reuse corporate know-how during the routing process. Analysis capabilities such as bundle content are provided as well as reports about wire routing for harness manufacturing.



  • Generates the physical wires as the results of routing through functional definition of your electrical system
  • Data exchange with electrical functional or wiring CAD system through CAA API s or XML data format
  • Optimizing wire routing according to company design rules
  • Reports wire routing details for use in harness manufacturing

Contains the following CATIA modules

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