Transcat’s product portfolio for Product Data Quality and Process Compliance includes standard integrations to Product Data Management and Data Exchange. Q-PLM allows to automatically implement Q-Checker in the PLM processes with minimal effort. Q-PLM PDM and Q-PLM DX work in a generic way with any system.


With more than 1,500 customers worldwide Q-Checker is the world leading system for quality assurance in the virtual development. Q-Checker, when operated from the early beginning in the design, will support cross engineering as well as model reuse in new projects and downstream.



Q-Checker always offered to easily repair many errors with a single click on a healing button, but never modified geometry. Elements were put on the right layer, in show or no-show, renamed according to CAD methods and standards. To support users even better, Q-Doctor – as a new component of Q-Checker – allows healing geometry.


The Q-PLM technology is based on a tremendous experience of integrating Q-Checker with an extensive list of PDM systems including Dassault Systemes’ ENOVIA VPM; ENOVIA SmarTeam; ENOVIA MatrixOne, etc., and data exchange servers such as DXM, DDX and SWAN. Configured with one XML file, it is easily maintained by an administrator without scripting or programming knowledge.


makes Product Data Quality (PDQ) visible throughout the entire process chain, providing results that reflect either the current status or data quality over time. Statistical PDQ results are available in either graphical interpretations or data tables. The evaluation reports provide highly relevant feedback and highlights the most common errors that could be eliminated with specific training support. Combining this with Q-Checker`s batch mode data enables clients to evaluate the work of their suppliers in detail.

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