Product Design

Idex Solutions can help you turn your ideas and designs into functional components that can be produced and marketed in a short period of time. Using the latest design software, we are able to reduce the design-to-production cycle for many types of parts, while reducing the occurrence of costly problems often associated with part design and downstream manufacturing.

The design process can begin with an existing part, which can be a CAD model, detail drawing, or a sketch on a napkin. We can work with you to develop a new part based on criteria you specify, such as envelope, functionality, company specifications, etc. Our designers and detailers will produce 3D CAD models that fully represent your ideas, which can then be analyzed for form, fit and, function. Models can also output valuable data, such as volume, weight, and center of gravity.

For our customers using CATIA
Datasets can be produced that, when introduced into the customers’ own database of CATIA models, will blend seamlessly with existing data. Models can be produced using your company’s project files and modeling and drafting practices.

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