Idex Solutions personnel have extensive aerospace experience, allowing us to provide the highest quality service to aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers. From design assistance with individual components to complete installation diagrams, we can work with your team of engineers and designers, or on our own, to provide the solutions and the drawings you need.

For the OEM
Idex Solutions has helped aerospace manufacturers design their own components as well as integrate components from their suppliers. We can work under the direction of project and engineering managers to produce a specific design, or we can work from specifications to deliver completed designs with little direction from the customer. We have provided support in many areas including:

  • Structures
  • Interiors
  • Electronic equipment
  • Wire harnesses
  • Mechanical components
  • Hydraulic assemblies

For the Supplier
For suppliers providing components to aerospace manufacturers, Idex Solutions can help you avoid vendor roadblocks. Beginning as early as the bidding process many manufacturers now require data to be submitted in specific CAD formats. This alone can pose problems for small suppliers, who suddenly feel it necessary to purchase high-end CAD software and hardware. Throughout the design phase and up to delivery of component data to your customer, more requirements may be imposed on the types of data provided. Requirements such as providing complete installation designs, providing data in specific CAD formats, and meeting customer dataset release standards means that your engineers, designers, and system administrators need to be pulled from critical tasks to ensure such requirements are met.

Idex Solutions offers a simple solution. We work with many OEMs and can provide the specific types of data they require from their vendors. Our in-house design tools can be tailored to match the design environment, allowing us to deliver data that blends seamlessly with your own. This can be the difference that makes you rise above the competition. We can also bring in CAD data from the OEM to assist in designing your component into their products. Completed designs can be delivered to both you and your customer.

Our extensive experience with aerospace design makes this a cost-effective way to get your engineering data to your customer.

For our Customers using CATIA
We specialize in providing services using CATIA V4 and V5. If you, your supplier, or your customer require data in a specific version of CATIA we can provide this. We will duplicate the CATIA environment that allows us to deliver data that meets customer requirements. Delivered data will meet corporate drafting standards, CATIA modeling standards, release standards, and more.

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