SIMULIA DesignSight Structure (DSR)

DesignSight Structure (DSR) is the first in a family of DesignSight simulation products to enable occasional users of simulation to model the complexities of real-world scenarios. The DesignSight Structure product leverages proven Abaqus FEA technology to model and simulate the realistic behavior of single parts under a variety of loading conditions with the goal of providing insights to help designers improve their designs.



  • Simulates realistic behavior under structural loading conditions.
  • Uses the same Abaqus technology used by expert analysts.
  • Robust nonlinear technology.
  • High performance on multi-core workstations.
  • Run on remote HPC clusters if Abaqus tokens are available.
  • Automatically generates the right mesh with adaptive refinement.
  • Based on the new V6 lifelike user experience.
  • Provides guidance at all times to help the user understand what to do next.
  • Natural extension of the design experience.
  • Advanced simulation technology with an easy-to-use interface.

Contains the following CATIA modules

Training options


  • None