Drafting and Modeling

Many aspects of drafting and modeling can easily be accomplished with Idex Solutions support. By delivering completely modeled parts or completed drawings, we can help reduce your temporary workload so your team can accomplish more critical tasks.

The modeling of many 3D components and assemblies can be relayed to our in-house design and modeling staff. Although each situation is treated as unique, the following scenarios are perfect candidates for this service:

  • Standard library components
  • Vendor supplied parts
  • Assembly of components from several vendors
  • Reference geometry used for space reservation (digital mock-up)
  • Existing company parts to be used in new designs

Idex Solutions can create all drawings necessary for manufacturing, assembling, or installing parts. Drawings can be created directly from 3D CAD design geometry, to ensure accuracy of the drawing. Modification is simple, since links to the 3D geometry are kept. And any changes to the 3D design can be easily relayed to the face of the drawing. This could be something as simple as moving a hole pattern on a bracket, or as complex as replacing assembly components in an installation.

For our customers using CATIA
Any drawings or modeling can be done using CATIA and will conform to your existing modeling and drafting standards. This includes importing your existing borders and start models, so the drawing returned to you has all the data necessary to be released into your system. Data and drawings produced at our site will blend seamlessly with your existing data.

In many cases, companies are just moving into CATIA V4 or V5 and have many legacy drawings (data from other CAD systems). Idex Solutions can smooth the transition by assisting in the conversion process. We can either reproduce the exact drawing in CATIA, using various cost-effective methods, or model the data shown in 3D space and reproduce a new drawing from good CATIA data. This new data can then be used for future design iterations. Once again, finished drawings will conform to your company modeling and drafting standards.

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