CAVA Solution

CATIA V5 – Automotive Extensions – Vehicle Architecture(CAVA) resulted from a joint project by Transcat PLM and the German car manufacturers. International rules, norms and standards are provided during the entire design process – from the concept phase to the homologation. CAVA is a feature-based and associative technology integrated with CATIA V5.

CAVA – Solutions for car design and legal compliance in CATIA

CAVA is a suite of products that resulted from a common project with German car makers:


At the start of the design process – at the Vehicle Concept phase – usually no detailed geometry for the vehicle is present. In order to create quickly and visually the various (legal) requirements applicable to any current design, CAVA OVA offers a wide range of possibilities.


CAVA Vision

There are a wide range of requirements for vehicle construction with which manufacturers have to comply which relate to the driver’s direct and indirect vision, the latter via the rear view mirror. In CAVA VISION these tasks are covered by a series of different CAVA features.


CAVA Manikin

CAVA Manikin is used very early on at the concept stage to determine compliance with SAE standard related to passenger positioning. Critical components such as headroom, legroom, vision, and other requirements are analyzed again varying body sizes and positions.


CAVA Safety

CAVA Safety provides the user with CAVA features, which and create CAVA geometry within V5 that enables the designer to perform many safety check, both inside and outside the vehile. This informs the designer of these critical areas and potential design changes early on in the process.


CAVA Wiper

With CAVA Wiper the user can simulate the geometry of the wipers and so determine the wiped area on the windscreen. Used together with the Field of View feature in CAVA Vision, it is possible to check the percentage of wiped area within the field of view.


These five applications are available as seperate products or as CAVA All bundle, containing all five applications.

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