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Users of CATIA V5 have no doubt heard about the revolutionary and groundbreaking V6 Platform from Dassault Systémes.

The V6 platform enables companies to realize all of the benefits of true PLM, while allowing for scalable entry points that depend on the needs of the company.

What many may not know is that for CATIA V5 users, this platform is available today without moving from CATIA V5. Companies with large investments in CATIA V5 can maintain that investment and build the value of the V6 platform around it. This is a great way to see the benefits of both worlds. With this Solution, CATIA V5 integrated with ENOVIA V6, companies can now:

  • Continue to use CATIA V5 with minimal training
  • Manage the lifecycle and processes around CAD data management with ENOVIA V6
  • Vault, secure, and control CATIA V5 documents and other IP within ENOVIA V6
  • Decide the best time to move to CATIA V6
  • Maintain full compliance with OEM requirements while improving internal processes
  • See 30% improvement in designer productivity
  • See 40% improvement in BOM accuracy

The CATIA V5 with ENOVIA V6 solution allows for great improvements across the entire company. Everyone including CAD users, designer engineers, purchasers, and administrative staff, can now easily begin to take advantages of this collaborative environment.

Expand the sections below to see the value of CATIA V5 on ENOVIA V6 across the company

CATIA V5 Data Management

For managing CAD data, specifically CATIA V5 data, ENOVIA V6 is the robust, enterprise-wide, scalable solution that many have been looking (and waiting) for. Many aspects of a CATIA V5 user’s day remain unchanged. This capability is made possible with ENOVIA Designer Central for CATIA V5. Using ENOVIA Designer Central for CATIA V5, Storing CAD data into ENOVIA V6 is as easy as using a standard file system, but comes with many benefits, including:

  • Fast searching and viewing of CATIA data by all authorized users of ENOVIA.
  • Apply full revision and version control to all design models
  • Real-world control of the work-in-progress product design environment
  • Upload complex, multi-tiered, design hierarchies into ENOVIA
  • Recursively check out complex, multi-tiered, designs into CATIA V5 or onto disk
  • Provides the critical connection between the mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) process and effective product development
  • Create private and public workspaces for organizing and sharing design
  • Alert users with design change notifications to their current work
  • Create ad-hoc routes for review of design content
  • When paired with ENOVIA’s BOM management capabilities users can synchronize the CATIA V5 design data with EBOMs to eliminate BOM accuracy issues

If needed, the implementation of ENOVIA can be expended to include CAD data from other major CAD providers, creating a single environment to manage all design data with many of the same benefits.

Learn more about ENOVIA Designer Central for CATIA V5

Complete Document Management

Inherent in the core capabilities of ENOVIA V6, and enhanced with ENOVIA Collaboration for Microsoft, is the ability to manage other types of documents in addition to CAD files. This includes Microsoft Office, PDF files, image, videos, and more, allowing companies to centralize and control their important documents in a vault where they can be easily secured, shared, revised, and routed throughout the company. Using ENOVIA V6 to manage documents brings the following benefits:

  • Revision history is maintained for documents. Full access to previous versions of any document saves time searching for older versions.
  • Full text search can be implemented allowing detailed searches within documents.
  • ENOVIA Collaboration for Microsoft (included with the migration from V5 Express) provides direct access to ENOVIA without leaving the Microsoft program.
  • Routing of documents through an approval process can now be done without external approval forms.

Learn more about ENOVIA Collaboration for Microsoft

The Collaborative Framework
Included in the migration path from CATIA V5 PLM Express is the ENOVIA Live Collaboration module that enables greater communication and the streamlining of company processes. This module can also be extended to everyone in the company to provide incredible company-wide benefits.
To facilitate searching, sharing, viewing, markups, routing, and security, ENOVIA Live Collaboration provides the following capabilities:

  • Single database and source of all data (reduces IT overhead caused by disparate systems and network and local file sytems)
  • Single repository of documents that can be expanded to ‘multi-site’ to allow fast document access for remote sites.
  • Web-based access to reduce administrative work required to give access
  • Common user interface for all ENOVIA web-based products for fast user learning and adoption
  • Role-based, organization-base, and project-based security of all documents and data
  • Indexing (full text searching) of metadata and documents
  • Search and navigate PLM data such as parts, documents, bills-of-materials, and specifications
  • 3D visualization to provide viewing of 3D data and markup capabilities
  • Create private and public workspaces and folders for personal or company-wide organization of data
  • Create custom routes (workflows) for managing any internal processes around document

Learn more about ENOVIA Live Collaboration

Path to CATIA V6

Most importantly, the path from CATIA V5 to CATIA V6 will be much simpler than the path from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5. Like before, we all know the goal is to get to CATIA V6 on the ENOVIA V6 platform. The amount of Dassault Systemes research and development taking place for CATIA V6 is huge and provides immense value and will only grow while the value of CATIA V6 to your organization grows as well.

Getting there could take some time and is dependent on several factors including the speed of the large OEMs to move to CATIA V6, the ROI yet to be realized from CATIA V5 from your company, and the value to be realized by moving to CATIA V6. These factors, while being possible limiters in moving to full CATIA V6, are not limiters for realizing the benefits of the V6 platform using CATIA V5. Moving to CATIA V5 on ENOVIA V6 today is a step in the right direction and there are no negatives in doing so, only positive gains in ROI and corporate processes.

The image to the right shows a possible roadmap to CATIA V6 and full V6 realization. While your path may vary, the benefits of starting now will be obvious and will be hugely beneficial down the road.

Path to CATIA V6
Built for the Future
Managing documents, and controlling the flow of these documents, within the company is often the first step in implementing PLM. ENOVIA V6 creates an incredible scalable platform that provides value to all CATIA-using companies and can be a springboard to additional productivity in many areas often problematic to suppliers and OEMs alike. After a period of breaking-in, many companies start taking advantage of the additional capabilities of ENOVIA V6. Typical next steps might include:

Engineering BOM Management – ENOVIA’s Engineering Central, when combined with fully-integrated CATIA V5, allows for robust bi-direction engineering BOM management (EBOM). The bottom-up approach allows for creation and updating of EBOMs from the CATIA product structure, while the top-down approach allows engineers to define the EBOM structure and use that to define the CAD structure. Once created, additional non-CAD components can be added to complete the EBOM that is often not possible with only CATIA V5 data. In addition to the CATIA V5 models, additional documents and attributes can be linked to Engineering Central parts to complete the definition. These might be specification documents, procurement data, and costs. Finally, the engineering change process can take place at the part level allowing for ECOs, ECRs, and custom processes to take place within ENOVIA V6.

Program Management – ENOVIA’s Program Central and ENOVIA’s Program Experience are focused on managing the components of a companies projects. Creating a central location for all project information, team members work together in a collaborative, controlled environment that manages project tasks, project deliverables, and issues. Easy viewing by team members of their tasks allows for filtering of completed status to help focus attention on open tasks. Security levels can restrict access to projects on many level and can be as simple or complex as the Program Manager feels is necessary.

Learn more about ENOVIA Engineering Central
Learn more about ENOVIA Program Central

Getting Started is Easy

The best thing about this solution is that if you are a CATIA V5 user (especially V5 PLM Express users) you already have most of the licensing you need. A simple, pre-defined migration path is in place to get you set for the CATIA V5 / ENOVIA V6 solution. Getting up and running would involve:

  • For V5 PLM Express users, simply migrated your SmarTeam licenses (used or unused) to ENOVIA V6 licenses. Users with CATIA-only license just need to add the ENOVIA licensing.
  • Pick a server to house your vaults and the ENOVIA server components.
  • Participate in a short ‘discovery’ session where we define any tailoring of components of the installation to your specific needs.
  • After a two (2) week implementation your environment can be ready to deploy!
  • CATIA V5 users participate in a 2-day training session on the use of CATIA V5 within the ENOVIA V6 environment to understand the benefits and functionality.
  • All users participate in a 1-day ENOVIA V6 training session. This will teach everyone in the company how to load, search, view, and edit documents within ENOVIA V6.

This rapid implementation will allow for a lower-cost, faster implementation than ever before.

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