CATIA Advanced Structural Analysis (ASA)

CATIA Advanced Structural Analysis (ASA) enables advanced stress, modal and linear dynamic analysis on any type of part or hybrid assembly. Capabilities include the full postprocessing analysis on composites parts with embedded failure criteria specification to the creation and simultaneous solving of multiple analysis cases for static, frequency, and buckling analysis, as well as advanced loading.



  • Benefit from 60% improvement in the product design-• analysis cycle time compared to non-integrated design-analysis solutions.
  • Take advantage of a generative and associative specification-driven solution for rapid propagation of changes.
  • Comply with company best practices resulting from integrated knowledge capabilities.
  • Accurately simulate the product’s mechanical behavior.
  • Reduce the need for physical prototypes.
  • Experience concurrent engineering for simulation set-up and FE modeling.
  • Perform complex computations on large models thanks to scalable solutions: up to 25 million degrees of freedom.
  • Benefit from accurate composite product behavior evaluation and post-processing.

Contains the following CATIA modules

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